Explore option of developing Ramayapatnam port: Vadde


Former Minister Vadde Sobhanadreeswara Rao has asked the State government to develop the Ramayapatnam port instead of seeking a Coastal Economic Zone (CEZ).

Addressing the media here on Friday, Mr. Rao said he was surprised when the TDP MPs demanded that the Centre take up the Dugarajapatnam port while agitating in Parliament during the recent Budget session.

The demand for taking up the Dugarajapatnam port, which had been declared technically not feasible and commercially unviable by three expert committees, or substituting it with the CEZ clearly indicated that the State government was not interested in getting a major port for Andhra Pradesh, he said.

This was being done to benefit a port being operated by a private company, he alleged.

A few other decisions of the State government also indicate that it was favouring the private company, Mr. Rao alleged.

While the request by the Visakhapatnam Port Trust and the Ministry of Shipping to develop a port in the State was ignored, the Bhavanapadu Port was given to a private company for a song, Mr. Rao pointed out.

Alleging that the State and Central governments were responsible for the plight of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Rao said the TDP should try to rectify the mistakes it had committed and endeavour to obtain what was rightfully due to the State from the Centre under the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act.

“The option of approaching the President directly if the Central government does not heed to the State government’s pleas has not been exercised,” he said.

Source: The Hindu