Chittagong acts to ensure quicker delivery of LCL cargo


The Chittagong Port Authority (CPA) has moved to ensure delivery of less-than-containerload (LCL) cargoes within three days of unloading containers in the port yard.

The Prime Minister’s Office recently asked the CPA to take proper measures to ensure that LCL cargo is unstuffed in two days and delivered to the consignees within three days.

The move came as the delays in container delivery allegedly caused congestion at the port’s yard, with importers having to wait for their unstuffed cargo — the process used to separate cargo from multiple parties.

Businesses allege that they need to wait nearly a week or two to get LCL cargo delivered, due to various procedural delays.

An LCL container holds cargo of several consignees, thus it needs to be unstuffed in the port yard and delivered from there. While most full containerload (FCL) containers go outside the port for delivery, a portion of LCL containers are unstuffed inside the port area for delivery. In 2017, Chittagong handled 44,332 LCL containers in its port yard.

Official: processing LCLs takes longer than FCLs: Bangladesh Inland Container Depots Association secretary Ruhul Amin Sikder told that after unstuffing, the container’s cargo is stored at cargo freight stations.

“Since an LCL container contains the goods of several importers, the goods need to be kept separately and it takes time,” he said.

After that, time is needed to complete customs and banking activities. Following that, sometimes there is a delay in securing trucks for cargo delivery, he noted.

CPA secretary Omar Faruk told the port authority always tries to deliver cargo in the shortest possible time to free the space at the port yard and help business professionals get their goods quickly.

“We are trying to do it in a speedy way,” he said.

In recent months, the combined total of FCL and LCL containers at the Chittagong port yard has exceeded its roughly 33,000-TEU capacity.