CONCOR North West Region’s ICD Khodiyar offers superfast train services to Mundra Port


During 2017-18, CONCOR ICD Khodiyar moved 935 trains ex ICD Khodiyar to deliver export containers to Mundra and Pipavav ports. It also moved 935 trains from the ports to evacuate import containers destined for ICD Khodiyar. Concor Serves Pipavav & JN Port as well.

A few highlights:

* ICD Khodiyar links Mundra Port with 2 export trains per day and links Pipavav with 1 export train a day.

* Of the 935 trains loaded during 2017-18, 532 export trains were run on regular and reliable basis for Mundra Port.

* Two superfast export trains are run per day for Mundra Port. 332 trains reached Mundra Port within 12 hours during 2017-18.

* Trains for Mumbai facilities like JNPCT/NSICT/GTIL are run on trade requirment basis. Daily road service is available; average 10 containers were sent per day during last year.

* Train and yard operations at the ICD work 24x7 days to provide seamless services and ensure timely deliveries.

* Rail movements are increasing the profitability of customers.

* The ICD arranges daily ‘by road’ services through a dedicated fleet of trailers for export containers to all three ports, i.e. Mundra, Pipavav and JNPCT/NSICT/GTIL, and D-Node for LCL.

* In 2017-18, the ICD registered a growth of 5.30 per cent in the exports category.

CONCOR has thanked members of the trade, Customs, Railways, service partners and associates for reposing trust in the North West Region’s ICD Khodiyar. It believes in on-time deliveries, creating happy customers, customer value creation and growing together with customers, the release emphasised.