Bangladesh approves import of nine items from Tripura


Bangladesh has relaxed port restrictions on Tripura and approved the import of nine new commodities from Tripura through three land customs stations of the state.

Talking to KNN India, M.L. Debnath, Advisor of North East Federation on International Trade (NEFIT) and President of Tripura Chamber of Commerce & Industry (TCCI), said “commodities which we were exporting from Calcutta port to Bangladesh, we demanded to allow those products to go to Bangladesh through our state port and other ports of Tripura but Bangladesh had port restrictions.”

Lately, with state government and Department of Commerce & Industry, we sorted out the list of 27 items that was placed before the Bangladesh government for removing trade restrictions to improve the trade but they asked to reduce it further. Accordingly, Tripura government reduced it category wise-category A for 10 items & category B for rest 17 items, he added.

After a series of discussion with Bangladesh official, the country agreed and relaxed the port restrictions on nine items, Debnath informed.

A notification issued by Director of Industries and Commerce Sandip R Rathore stated six new items would be allowed for export from Tripura to Bangladesh through Agartala-Akhaura International Check Post (ICP). These include raw latex, bamboo-based products, broomstick flowers, soyabean seeds, spare parts of motor-vehicles run by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and maize.

Meanwhile, rice, betel leaves and dry fishes will be exported from the state through Srimantapur Land Customs Station in Sipahijala district and Manughat Land Customs Station in the southern part of the state.

Over this decision, Debnath opined that it is a positive sign for increasing export volume from the state.

He further added that Bangladesh should relax the restrictions on all the items so that exports of Tripura would increase further.