Maintain FY19 volume growth of 10-12%, says CONCOR


Container Corp of India (CONCOR) is expected to benefit from the commissioning of the dedicated freight corridor. V Kalyana Rama, CMD of CONCOR, spoke about the company's business plans and growth prospects.

“There is a little slowdown in export-import but for March, the forecast is that from second fortnight of March things may improve,” Rama said on Tuesday.

“We will be ending our year as we have forecasted. I gave a forecast of 10-12 percent growth, I am sure we will be able to achieve that,” he added.

In terms of the domestic volumes, Rama said, “I cannot guess anything right now. I don’t think that is a concern as of now for us but we are also watching. Once the new government forms, let us see. As far as domestic volumes are concerned, domestic business is good, there is no such worry in the domestic volumes."