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Changes to Indian sea cargo manifest regulations from August 2019


Effective August 1, 2019, the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has effected a change in the regulations for filing Sea Cargo Manifest for all cargo arriving on vessels into India and departing on vessels from India.

It is now compulsory for all shipping lines and the importer/exporter to adhere to the defined timelines for manifest filing of all cargo on a vessel to/from an Indian port, as per a communiqué.

The rule is applicable for all cargo transshipping, discharging and going via (FROB – Freight Remain on Board) an Indian port.

Departure Manifest: Export manifest is now required to be submitted to Customs prior to the departure/sailing of the vessel from any port of loading in India.

Arrival Manifest: Import Manifest is now required to be submitted to Customs prior to the departure of the vessel from the last foreign port.

To adhere to these new timelines, lines will now need:

* Shipper’s instruction to be submitted before these deadlines

* Shipper’s instructions to include the following mandatory details:

HS Code: 6 Digit HS (Harmonized) Code. IEC Code (Import Export Code) of Consignee. PAN Number of notify party (if notify party is from India). All information (including HBL details) needs to be submitted within these new deadlines. All amendments will also need to be done before these deadlines. Non-compliance of these requirements may lead to cargo not being loaded, or issuance of original Bill of Lading may be held back, the communiqué pointed out.