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Bolloré Logistics transports train part shipment from South Korea to India


Bolloré Logistics' India and South Korea teams successfully transported a train’s 23.5 metre-long part and other equipment from Incheon to Mumbai within a limited span of nine days.

Destined for one of the world’s leading aerospace and trains manufacturers, the shipment was handled by qualified Korean and Indian teams who worked closely together to offer a custom-made transport solution, which would meet the manufacturer’s expectations.

The shipment was transported from the shipper factory to airport (ex-works) in collaboration with various stakeholders (trucker, carrier’s local agent and ground-handler).

Bolloré Logistics India planned and proposed the cargo offload methodology, coordinated with Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL) and other agencies for special authorisations requested for cranes, trailers & handling staff.

Based on MIAL declarations, Bolloré Logistics has become the first freight forwarder to handle the air shipment of such a long single piece through Mumbai airport. Bolloré Logistics fulfilled the time and quality commitments through careful forecasting and precise risk management processes.

Commenting this satisfying outcome, Sanjay Goel, chief executive officer of Bolloré Logistics South Asia said, “It’s the vision and leadership initiatives that finally make the winning moves. Size doesn’t matter, planning does and the teams in Korea and India did a fantastic job ensuring that the project would be well delivered.”