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Company in India falsely acting on behalf of BIMCO


BIMCO has been made aware of a company in India named Grand Shipping & Trading Company who is presenting themselves as a company facilitating BIMCO memberships.

“We understand that Hameer Mubarak from Grand Shipping & Trading Company falsely claims that applicants need BIMCO membership in order to offer certain services. He has in this connection offered to facilitate a membership of BIMCO. Hameer Mubarak has received a payment for a BIMCO membership and kept the money,” BIMCO stated.

“Please note that BIMCO does not corporate with any companies facilitating BIMCO memberships on our behalf. Grand Shipping & Trading Company is not a BIMCO member even though the BIMCO logo is on their website. BIMCO has tried to contact Grand Shipping & Trading via email and calls without any luck, and will consider further steps,” a press note issued by BIMCO added.

People with any questions in this connection, can contact BIMCO’s Membership Team membership@bimco.org.