Afghanistan deliveries 15,000 tons of merchandise through Iran’s Dogharoon boundary

Afghanistan has transited more than 15,000 tons of supplies through Dogharoon boundary with Iran in the first four months of the present Iranian agenda year March 20-July 21.

On Friday August7 IRNA accounted Hamid Mohammadifaz an official with the Iranian Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization (RMTO) stated that the mentioned cargo have been sent to their purpose markets through Iran’s southern ports or Western land boundaries.

Mohammadifaz stated that “These goods were imported by 610 trucks, of which 34 truckloads were transited to Turkey from the western borders and the rest went to the southern ports of the country,”.

Hamid Mohammadifaz reminded that “While last year only 11 trucks transited cargoes from Dogharoon border crossing to the southeastern Chabahar port, this year, 256 trucks have transited Afghanistan’s goods through this route,”.