Angre Port aims to achieve 4 lakh tonnes cargo volume in second half of 2020

Chowgule group-owned Angre Port has said it is aiming to achieve cargo volumes at the port at 4 lakh tonnes in the second half of 2020 from around 2.40 lakh tonnes of the cargo handled by it during the January-June period of the year.

The port in the Konkan region with its end-to-end logistics services currently supports over 20 large and small local businesses, including sugar, cement, manufacturing and industry raw materials in the state.

“Angre Port is among the few ports that have ensured continuity of exports during the lockdown. We work as an end-to-end port operator for our clients, ensuring timely and safe movement of their cargo, and helping them optimise their material handling cost,” Eshaan Lazarus, Executive Director, Angré Port Private Limited, said in a statement.

Lazarus added that the company”s performance in the first half of 2020 has been good, with cargo handling of 2,41,000 tonnes, and we are aiming for 4 lakh tonnes cargo in the second half of 2020 considering the post-coronavirus forecasts.

The port had anticipated higher growth in H12020 but could not achieve that because of the situation arising out due to the COVID-19 and consequently, the projections for the second half were also lowered, a spokesperson said without sharing the earlier projected growth numbers.

The port did well in the January-June period despite getting affected by the COVID-19 pandemic mainly due to the sugar exports, as there was a lot of sugar available with the manufacturers and traders for overseas shipments and at the same time, the government also opened up sugar exports as well as the availability of vessels for moving the cargo as well.

“So, although it is not as much as our projected volumes in H1, we managed to do 2.41 lakh tonnes with sugar and some other dedicated commodities, he said adding that sugar, cement and edible oil will drive the volume growth in the second half of the year.

Angre Port had last month said it handled 22,000 tonnes of sugar in April despite severe labour crunch in the industry amid the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown.

The port operator also said it maintained the continuity of essential supply chain amid the lockdown by handling 1,38,000 tonnes of different types of cargo since March till date.

Since the commencement of operations in January last year, the port has built several capabilities that enable hassle-free movement and storage for all types of cargo. These include 5 lakh square feet of open storage yards for receiving cargo; 2 lakh square feet of covered warehousing space; and 1 lakh square feet of paved open storage yards for handling sensitive cargo over extended periods of time, it said.

Besides, it also has over 32,000 kilolitre of liquid storage capacity. It is also offering its 300 acres of industrial back-up land on competitive lease models to strategic businesses such as mega warehouses, port-based industries, logistics, tank terminals, and business parks.