Bangladesh made two ships handed over to India

Bangladesh has achieved remarkable progress in the shipbuilding sector, brightening the image of the country as a shipbuilding nation in the world, Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said on Friday.

The minister spoke at the handover ceremony of two new ships to India at Chattogram port. Western Marine Shipyard Limited built the two ships for Jindal Steel Works, an Indian company.

At the programme, Tipu Munshi handed over the ships to Indian High Commissioner Riva Ganguly Das.

Speaking as the chief guest, the commerce minister said, “If Bangladesh allows the neighbouring countries, including India, Nepal and Bhutan, to use the port, our economy will benefit. And if the neighbouring countries use our ports, the people of those countries will also benefit.”

“It is now time for global partnership for business. If we can use our maritime routes, the cost of business will come down. We can get more benefits and facilities from India, but we need to change our mindset towards the deals with India,” he said.

“Bangladesh is geographically located in an important position and our capacity is increasing day by day,” he added.

He also said, “We are now leading in the ship-breaking and shipbuilding sector. As our capacity has increased, we are exporting ships to other countries.”

Speaking as special guest, Indian High Commissioner Riva Ganguly said, “We are now going through a golden period of relationship between Bangladesh and India. Transit through Chittagong port is one of the major examples of our good relationship. The friendship among the peoples of the two countries will become stronger in the future.”

Chairman of Western Marine Saiful Islam, Managing Director Sohel Hasan, and Deputy Managing Director Abdul Mobin also spoke.

Jindal Steel Works gave the work orders to Western Marine Shipyard to build four ships in 2015. Two other ships were handed over in 2017.