Barge heading for Kolkata port runs aground

A barge carrying break bulk cargo from Sagar Island ran aground allegedly because of low navigability in Diamond Harbour in the Southern part of West Bengal, while it was heading for the Kolkata Port, an official said on Thursday.

The barge was engaged in lighterage operations from Sagar for larger vessels which find it difficult to enter the port due to limited depth. “We are trying to unload some coal with the help of small boats before it is salvaged,” he said.

An official of the company that owns the barge claimed that the barge ran aground as adequate dredging was not carried out in the area. A Kolkata Port Trust official, however, said that the incident took place as the barge was not moving in the main shipping channel.

Functioning of the Kolkata port has not been hampered by the incident, the official said.