Cargo Connexions Conclave 2020, Coimbatore

Cargo Connexions Conclave 2020 scheduled on 14th February, 2020 in Coimbatore

OBJECTIVE – Cargo Connexions Conclave gives a new definition and direction to the whole exercise by bringing shipper onto the centre stage.

The 2020 Cargo Connexions Conclave will provide information and insights that cargo owners can use to plan and execute shipments of containerized cargo through south Indian ports. At their core, the Event creates value for beneficial cargo owners — including retailers, manufacturers, consumer product firms, engineering, textile industry, energy and agribusiness organizations— through intensive programming that addresses key operational, pricing, and strategic challenges shippers face when leveraging end-to-end container shipping services to support their supply chains.

CCC – Bringing the Change

This half day conclave aims achieve the dual objectives of knowledge sharing and rewarding excellence on single platform. The conclave engages industry stakeholders from all verticals and policy makers to brainstorm on cost-effective and efficient supply chain management. The conclave facilitates meaningful and focused interaction among all the stakeholders to bridge the gap and progress together, while strengthening India’s logistics infrastructure. After all, a country’s ability to trade globally depends on its shippers’ access to efficient freight and logistics network.

Theme: Meeting Shipper Demands in a Turbulent and Changing Market

Topics to be explored:

  • Market Analysis: Examining the import-export outlook
  • Resins 2019: Is the long-awaited boom upon us?
  • Inland Distribution: Dealing with trucking and intermodal disruption
  • Logistics Technology: What’s ready for prime time — and what isn’t?
  • Port Productivity and Efficiency: Solving shipper pain points — or not
  • The Cross-Border Challenges