CCTA launches new website – a step to provide a fair and uniform system to the trade

The Coastal Container Transporters Association (CCTA), an association for developing coastal container transport trade in India, has created a website –

CCTA endeavours to create a common platform for all interested freight forwarders and are putting efforts in making representations to the government for the benefit of the fraternity.

CCTA works as a bridge between members and other co-ordinates and helps its members to give a smooth platform.

The president of CCTA Mr. Rahul Modi said that, this web site can be considered as an encouraging as well as a new step in the container business, it is a disciplinary step that will provide a fair and uniform system to the trade.

CCTA is represented on various trade bodies as well as committees such as: National Shipping Board (NSB), Coastal coordination committee with INSA, Committee for Coastal container Trade in AIMTC and Committee for drafting of proposed Maritime Policy.