CCTA seeks customers support to clear containers by paying charges in advance

The Coastal Container Transporters Association (CCTA) has sought the support of its customers to pay port and liner charges in advance before taking delivery of the containers

“In-order to run smooth operation to deliver boxes to their customers, our member freight forwarders will have to pay these charges to concerned ports/shipping lines without which we may have to face the issue of holding of containers by concerned lines/freight forwarders,” CCTA President Rahul Modi said a letter written to CCTA members.

Our association has always striven to provide maximum possible support for the betterment of the trade and now is the time that we need your cooperation for the above mentioned by paying the necessary amount charged for ground rent and liner detention by the ports and shipping lines, he wrote in the letter.

Rahul Modi told the CCTA members to collect necessary charges from customers in advance before delivering the container.

The country witnessed one of the most disruptive periods in the last few months due to COVID-19 pandemic. Initially, all modes of transportation for movement of cargo, with the exception of coastal movement of containers, came to a halt.

Our member forwarders stood shoulder to shoulder with the customers to continue business activities during the lockdown period by following the guidelines issued by the Government of India.

Laden containers which arrived at various POD (Port of Discharge) during the lockdown period could not be cleared within the general free days provided by the concerned ports due to lockdown 1 & 2.

“Our association took the matter to the Ministry of Shipping (MOS) to provide relaxation on ground rent (Charges incurred by port for storage of container at Port) and liner detention charges (Charges incurred by lines for containers on per day rental) for the betterment of trade. As the result, a guideline was issued by Ministry of Shipping to not charge any ground rent and liner detention charges for the lockdown period 1 & 2, i.e., 22nd March to 3rd May vide their Order dated 21/4/2020 and DG shipping Order dated 22/4/2020,” Rahul Modi said.

Many ports and shipping lines has allowed free days up to 03/05/2020 while some ports have allowed only up to first lockdown period i.e., 14/04/2020. There are some ports which have still not cleared their guidelines. Some ports have started charging storage charges from 04/05/2020 onwards on the last higher slab as all ports have taken this order in a different manner and started collecting the storage charges according to their present tariff from our member forwarders in advance before lifting the containers, Rahul Modi added.