Dredging Corp asked to explore possibility of recycling dredged waste

The government on Wednesday asked Dredging Corporation of India to explore the possibility of recycling dredged material.

The move aims at sustainable development by turning ‘waste into wealth’.

“Shipping Minister Mansukh Lal Mandaviya directed Dredging Corporation of India to explore the possibilities of recycling of dredging material on coastline as well as on riverine ports of India,” the Ministry of Shipping said in a statement.

The direction was given at a meeting chaired by the minister via video conference with officials of the shipping ministry, Dredging Corporation, Indian Port Association, Inland Waterways Authority of India, Chairpersons of Major Port Trusts and experts of the sector.

Mandaviya emphasised that recycling of dredged material should be implemented in a way that can reduce the dredging cost, as dredging is a regular activity to maintain the course of waterway for smooth shipping traffic.

He suggested private players to build a recycling model with cost effective logistics system to transport the dredged waste while keeping in the mind zero effect on environment.

Mandaviya also added that the government is aiming sustainable development and by recycling the dredged waste into environment friendly commodities, it reinforces Prime Minister Narendra Modi”s vision of turning ‘waste into wealth’ in the growth story of India.