India to start construction of Wadhavan port by 2020

Gopal Krishna, secretary, Ministry of Shipping, today announced in a CII event that the Government of India intends to develop an all-weather port at Wadhavan, 140 kilometer north to Mumbai. The construction of the port will begin in 2020 and will have nine berths for large container ships. The government wants India to be one of the top ten global container port hubs.

Krishna also said that the country is raising its ship recycling capacity by 40 percent by 2024 and wants to become a global leader in the segment.

“India aims to be a global leader in ship-recycling: capacity being raised from 5mn GT (2018, 25% of global) to 9mn GT (2024, 35-40%). Recycling of Ships Bill, 2019 will align law w international conventions: focus on the environment, worker safety,” the CII tweet reads.

Krishna also shared his thoughts on the government’s plan to develop inland waterways particularly for the northeastern region. The inland water transport fairway in the Ganges will be ready by 2020 and the Eastern Waterway Connectivity Transport Grid will give the North-East access to Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.