India works towards removing restrictions on shipowning

These announcements were made by Director-General of Shipping (DGS), Amitabh Kumar, during a virtual maritime conference.

“It is our aim to make the rules more owner-friendly, so that more companies enter the field, and current owners have reason to flag their ships in India,” said Kumar. “In fact, we are looking closely at the gamut of shipping activities, including ownership, shipbuilding and seafarer training, in our Vision 2030 document that seeks to define shipping in the country over the next decade.”

The DGS asserted that the country would be undertaking the huge task of reducing carbon emissions to the extent of 85%; and that India’s Shipping Ministry had taken a conscious decision to encourage the design and operation of energy-efficient vessels, and to use them extensively at Indian ports.

Earlier, Kumar’s predecessor at the Directorate-General of Shipping, Dr Malini V Shankar who, post-retirement, has taken on the role of Chairperson of the National Shipping Board (NSB) and Vice-Chancellor of the Indian Maritime University, said that the Covid-19 pandemic had not halted shipping, but actually taught companies to adopt several innovative ways of improving their performance.

“Shipping corporate have re-invented themselves,” said Shankar. “Proof of this is the fact that the national carrier, Shipping Corporation of India (SCI), has made enhanced profits in the first two quarters (April to June, and July to September 2020) of the ongoing financial year.”