Indian Railways’ freight loading in October up 15% compared to last year

Freight figures continued to maintain the high momentum in terms of earnings and loading in the month of October 2020 for Indian Railways, said government on Sunday.

“On mission mode, Indian Railways’ freight loading for the month of October 2020 crossed last year’s loading and earnings for the same period,” said Ministry of Railways in a statement.

In the month of October 2020, Indian Railways’ loading was 108.16 million tonnes, which is 15% higher compare to last year’s loading for the same period (93.75 million tonnes). In this period Indian Railways earned 10,405.12 crore from freight loading, which is also 868.90 crore (9%) higher compared to last year’s earnings for the same period ( 9,536.22 crore).

In the month of October 2020 Indian Railways loading was 108.16 million tonnes which includes 46.97 million tonnes of coal, 14.68 million tonnes of iron ore, 5.03 million tonnes of foodgrains, 5.93 million tonnes of fertilizers and 6.62 million tonnes of cement (excluding clinker).

Covid-19 has been used by Indian Railways an opportunity to improve all round efficiencies and performances, the ministry said.