Karnataka Ports, Shipping & Logistics Summit 2019

Ports being harbingers of trade and commerce play an important role in the economy of the region. Further, Ports are of critical service importance since they act as a place for interchange of two transport modes; maritime and land whether by rail or road. The essential aspects of the port lie in its inter-model nature.

Ports and related land based logistic chains face major challenges from growth in trade. Different ports face different challenges. Ensuring adequate capacity and reconciling the interests of various parties  is important for all ports. Ports and related land-side logistics chains are critical to the competitiveness of regional/national businesses, which rely on them to deliver imports and to ship exports to global markets. Improvements to ports and related logistics sectors can remove barriers and transaction costs to trade, increase competition and provide vital linkages to domestic and global value chains.

As a result, the performance of ports and land-side logistics chains are critical to facilitate innovation, productivity gains and economic growth both regionally and nationally. Hence it is important to have a coordinated approach in planning future development and in scaling up existing port and freight infrastructure to advance its logistics performance.

Further, upgrading of the logistics performance of a region should not be reduced to mere investment in physical infrastructure and application of ICT, but also to regulatory and procedural issues regarding global shipping and international trade and to the management of ports and related infrastructure. Better logistics performance can create benefits in terms of trade expansion, economic diversification and also attract investment.

While the central government has developed port infrastructure across the country, and in many cases through private participation, states too now have become active in developing their coastlines.

Karnataka Ports Shipping & Logistics Summit 2019 is an effort to bring together the maritime stakeholders of the region, the state and from across the country to present the potential that exists, to deliberate on the challenges being faced and to evolve the way forward for a larger, inclusive and sustainable growth of the maritime industry in Mangalore and the state as a whole.

This half a day conference, spread across three focused sessions will engage policy makers, industry leaders, experts and stakeholders in serious discussions on meeting infrastructure and service demands; on ways to strengthen existing cargoes and to generate and attract additional cargo and derive ways for a collective and integrated approach that would enhance value in the logistics network and greater economic success to the region.

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