Mumbai Port Trust sets up floating quarantine facility

The Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT) has established a floating quarantine facility for 2,000 people on a cruise vessel to tackle COVID-19.

All port operations are being carried out with minimum operational employees, while all administrative and finance departments are functioning with skeletal staff.

“All operations are carried out following Directorate General of Shipping’s standard operating procedures. All file work and instruction are now being given through WhatsApp groups and security guards have been replaced in the outlying areas by quick response mobile teams,” MbPT chairman Sanjay Bhatia said. All payments are being effected through online systems, he said.

The MbPT chairman said the port trust had isolated the port area and living areas, with all employees staying on the premises. The port hospital too has been divided into two parts: a new COVID-19 hospital and a non-COVID-19 hospital.

“Screening is done at the new gate and each hospital has its own entrance, reception, casualty, ICU and wards,” Mr. Bhatia said.

Naval Dockyard designs affordable temp reader

The Naval Dockyard in Mumbai has designed and developed its own infrared temperature sensor for less than ₹1,000 through in-house resources to screen over 20,000 personnel entering its premises and reduce the load on security guards.

The handheld non-contact thermometer has an infrared sensor and an LED display integrated with a microcontroller, which runs on a 9-volt battery.