NebulARC develops 3D tracking solutions for shippers

Supply chain orchestration platform NebulARC on Monday said it has developed computer vision and 3D tracking solutions to help shippers to monitor and track shipments in real-time.

The one-stop solution is expected to reduce man-hours, eliminate risks and accidents in man-to-machine interactions, and increase overall efficiency by over 25 per cent by way of eliminating human errors and achieving operational excellence in yard management, it said in a release.

The shipping industry has been one of the most affected industries amid the outbreak. Owing to port delays, shipments have been stalled across the globe with exporters and importers struggling to track their shipments, NebulARC said.

According to a Frost & Sullivan report, the pandemic has created new opportunities for digitalisation across the logistics value chain.

Digitalisation and technology adoption is expected to gain traction during the post-pandemic recovery phase, which is expected to drive the Indian logistics industry to grow at a CAGR of 7.2 per cent between 2019 and 2025, as per the report.

“We have designed a one-stop solution that is tailored to meet the needs of our customers. Besides unlocking the challenges in e-commerce, retail and B2B logistics, we have always been focused on solving the complexities in the shipping industry,” said Alok Sharma, CEO & Co-founder, NebulARC.

Today, NebulARC is one of the few SaaS companies in India that is bringing the power of technology and predictive visibility to the shipping and port logistics operations, he said.

“We strongly believe that the current challenging time has acted as an accelerator for digitizing the industry. By offering a comprehensive suite of solutions for shipment tracking, we have not only created 360-degree visibility for the businesses but also have laid a foundation for customers to manage their logistics anytime and anywhere,” Sharma noted.

According to the release, slow decision making can hinder business operations and ultimately the bottom line for businesses.

“Having identified key challenges in the shipping industry, NebulARC is providing actionable insights into day-to-day operations to shippers and yard managers to optimise yard utilisation and help with capacity planning,” it added.