New seven-day rule for exporters at Chennai Port to ease congestion during peak hours

In a bid to reduce congestion during peak hours, Chennai Port is allowing seven days carrying time instead of the present five days for the two terminal operators — DP World and PSA Singapore — on a trial basis till October 15.

The decision was taken after authorities found that container movement to the port was not uniform on all days. A huge rush of export trailers was observed on certain days, while on other days the movement was in a trickle, a Chennai Port release stated.

The extension in carrying time is expected to facilitate more time for exporters who can move the trailers in advance to avoid the peak hour rush, a Chennai Port spokesman said.

The Chennai Port Chairman has requested the other stakeholders such as vessel operators, customs brokers and exporters to work round the clock in line with the functioning of port and terminal operators to avoid congestion during peak hours, the release added.