‘No objection to acquisition of APM Terminals by parent company ECT’

Hutchison Ports Netherlands, the parent company of container transhipment company ECT, is allowed to take over container terminal APM Terminals Rotterdam. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) has decided this.

Shareholders of APMT and Hutchison already agreed on the takeover. It also had to be approved by the competition authorities. The works council and the trade unions have also yet to issue advice.

According to ACM, even after the takeover, sufficient competition will remain in the market for the transshipment of containers from deep-sea vessels. The strong position of the large shipping companies ensures that the three transhipment companies in the port of Rotterdam (in addition to ECT and APM also RWG) continue to compete on competitive prices, good service and innovation.

And that is the most important consideration for an assessment by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets. ACM’s Chairman of the Board Martijn Snoep: “The study shows that the market share of the group to which ECT is a part will increase only slightly as a result of the takeover. extra transhipment capacity. “

The intention is that APMTR will continue to exist as an independent organization for the time being. As a result of the takeover, APM Terminals Rotterdam becomes part of the group that also includes ECT. ECT owns the ECT Delta Terminal and the ECT Euromax terminal.

As soon as the deal is closed, the thirty-year-old Delta Terminal will be completely replaced, including the quay wall. More than six hundred people work at the 100-hectare terminal. Maersk and MSC in particular unload and load containers here.

Hutchison guarantees that there will be no redundancies for the first four years.