Northern Railway’s Ferozpur division sets new landmark in freight loading

The Ferozpur division has set a new landmark in freight loading despite challenges due to the novel coronavirus, the Northern Railway said.

According to the press release, the division achieved the highest-ever single day loading of 1,595 wagons on September 9.

“Ferozpur division of Northern Railway has set a new landmark in freight loading in spite of various challenges being faced by Railways due to pandemic,” the release quoted Rajiv Chaudhry, General Manager Northern, and North Central Railways as saying.

Giving further details, it added, “The division achieved the highest ever single-day loading of 1,595 wagons on September 9, 2020. It includes 29 rakes of SFG, four container rakes, and one Gypsum rake, total – 34 rakes. The previous best was recorded on August 29, 2020, with 1,568 wagons. It included 28 SFG, five containers, one tractor, and one Gypsum, total – 35 rakes. ”

A number of concessions/discounts are also being provided to Indian Railways, as per the release, to make freight movement attractive.

“Improvements in freight movements will be institutionalised and will lead to significantly higher freight traffic and earnings for Railways and cost-competitive logistics for the entire country,” it added.