ONE implements $1,000 per reefer container surcharge for Shanghai and Xingang

Ocean Network Express (ONE) has implemented a $1,000 per container congestion surcharge for reefer cargoes arriving in Shanghai and Xingang (Tianjin) as the coronavirus (Covid-19) hits the availability of plug-in points.

As Seatrade Maritime News reported last week container lines are diverting reefer shipments from Chinese ports where there are no available plug in points in the yard.

In a notice to customers ONE said that there was already a serious shortage of reefer plugs at Shanghai and Xingang port and shipments could be diverted.

“In such cases, this may result in the discharge of reefer containers at an alternative port without prior notice,” ONE said. The shipping line said it would endeavour to arrange onward transport to the original destination port if reefer slots became available.

To cover costs of the re-arrangement of shipments and reefer related charges ONE has implemented a $1,000 per box congestion surcharge on all reefer containers bound for Shanghai and Xingang from 15 February until further notice. For regulated trades the surcharge is effective from 14 March.

ONE urged customers to consider changing shipments to other destination ports.