Single Window E-Logistics Market policy will solve export policy

Through Ease of Doing Business, it is trying to attract investors, protect small and medium businesses from harassment and keep them open in competitive markets. The central government may reduce expenses related to regulation, certification and transportation, from investment to exports. Along with this, they can also eliminate the related mess. At present, the government has already proceeded in this direction by announcing a logistics policy, but it has also been indicated to implement it soon by making some provisions in the budget. The Finance Minister has announced in the budget to issue a logistics policy with the facility of single window e-logistics marketplace. Single window can save time in regulation-certification. For your information, let us tell you that with the decrease in costs, the cost of logistics will be reduced. At present, this item spends more than 14 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), which is targeted to be brought down to 10 percent by 2022.

India’s logistics sector is highly complex with over 20 government agencies, 40 government subsidiaries, 37 Export Promotion Councils and over 500 certifications. At present, the sector, with a market of $ 16,000 crore (about Rs 12 lakh crore), includes 200 shipping companies, 36 logistics services, 129 inland container depots, 168 container freight stations and more than 50 IT systems and banks, which are more than 10 thousand. Play their role in the transportation of goods. The same region employs over 1.20 crore people. Apart from this, the complexity of this sector which plays such an important role does not end here. In case of import-export also, 81 authorities and 500 certificates are required. Questions were also raised in the Economic Survey on the functioning related to this sector, which was entangled in the transport network after regulation, certification. The survey report suggested removing the drawback by giving an example of the time it takes 19 days for the goods from Delhi to reach the port. While presenting the budget, the Finance Minister has announced all the measures and facilities related to logistics for different sectors, which will reduce expenditure in transportation, certification and regulation.

The budget provides for storage houses at block / taluka level, seed store houses at village level, cold chains connected to rail and air services. Apart from this, the government believes that this will reduce logistics costs and increase exports by 5-8 percent. Entrepreneurs will build quality. Apart from this, the government has targeted to increase the logistics market to $ 250 billion by 2022. She is assuming that around 2.20 crore people will get employment in this area. These facilities were also found – Investment Clearance Sale: Provision of this cell has been made for the investors to provide facilities at every level from end to end. It will also have the facility to advise the investor before investment, availability of land and permission from the Center and the state. The same cell will also be faceless, that will be the portal of investment clearance cell and the entire system will be online from application to disposal. E-Refund for Exporters: Duty and tax on export goods at the central, state and local level will be refunded from e-refund. Exporters will not have to visit the departments. For this, the government is going to launch the scheme.