Stalwarts to boost confidence of trade, industry

With moral of Surat’s trade and industry already down due to poor demand, the Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SGCCI) has taken up a task to boost the confidence of the entrepreneurs in Surat and south Gujarat region across all sectors.

Known as the knowledge series, the SGCCI is posting ‘Letters of Confidence’ written by the trade and industry leaders to its 9,000-odd members to revitalize their confidence to fight the battle against Covid-19.

According to SGCCI office-bearers, coronavirus pandemic has dealt a major blow to the industrial activities in Surat and south Gujarat region, which is the hub of the textiles, diamonds and gems and jewellery. While the diamond industry is operating at less than 30% of its capacity, the man-made fabric (MMF) sector is the most hard-hit with industrial production down to 15%.

“Industry leaders from various sectors including diamonds, textile, chemicals, engineering etc. have been shortlisted for writing, letters addressed to the entrepreneurs. In the letters, industry leaders would talk about the current situation developing around coronavirus pandemic, plague epidemic in the past, devastating floods and how every time the trade and industry rose like a phoenix,” said interim president of SGCCI, Dinesh Navadiya.

“More than the government’s support, industries need the emotional support of their leaders in such turbulent times. They need to be told not to lose hope and tide over the Covid-19 pandemic and look towards growing their businesses,” he added.

Chairman of Venus Jewels, Sevanti Shah, who is the first in the industry to write ‘Letter of Confidence’ said, “I am a witness of the devastating floods of 1969, the bubonic plague of 1994, the devastating 2006 floods and the global economic downturn in 2008. During all these calamities, I have seen the industries rise like phoenix despite all the odds. Same is going to happen after the coronavirus pandemic, I am confident of that.”